My work is my passion.
I started photography when I was 17. I took quickly to photographing movement due to my background in dance, I danced from age 8-16. After high school, I had an avid interest in human behaviour and began a Bachelor of Psychology with a minor in photography. I fell in love with photography, so when my work picked up momentum,  I transferred my degree and completed a Bachelor of Photography at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 2014. 

One of my favourite subjects at RMIT was videography. Creating a palpable and memorable atmosphere drew me in. Capturing a static image is rewarding in itself, but to be able to capture a sequence of moments that tell a unique story is my driving motivation. I have an innate ability to merge the audio with the visual.

I love building relationships with my clients, learning their movement and their creative intention. I strive to adapt to their style and to direct it in a way that highlights it. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I will put in whatever it takes (pre, during and post production) to get ‘the shot’. 
It’s essential to be as organised as you are adaptable. I believe in the importance of punctuality and reliability. I’ve been told I’m a friendly, assertive and reassuring presence to be around on set, and that I am always the first to offer creative solutions to any challenges faced by the client. 

I always strive be at the forefront of innovation. I provide a ‘one stop shop’ for photography, videography, lighting, creative direction, editing and post production. My work is aesthetically pleasing, highly technical and visually captivating.